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Season 3 Episode 18 Figuring Out Your Why with Anmol Singh

May 12, 2023 Dan Janson & Tracy Ball Season 3 Episode 18
Real Life Trading PIVOT
Season 3 Episode 18 Figuring Out Your Why with Anmol Singh
Show Notes

The continuation with Anmol Singh.  For the first part of this interview, watch episode 17. Knowing your why is key to staying focused, disciplined, and on the path to great success.  In this episode, Dan and Tracy are joined with Anmol Singh to discuss how to figure out your why. 

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The stock market is an emotional rollercoaster. The difference between profit and loss comes down to your understanding of how to make logical and fast decisions based on constantly changing data. This is where Anmol Singh comes in. He was born in Delhi, India and grew up as a patient and persistent individual. After completing his high school education, he went to Brunel University London with the strong determination to become something great. He started trading in his dorm and saved enough money to legally start multiple franchises and move to America. At the young age of 22, Anmol Singh was able to establish himself as a successful Trader and has been featured in major media outlets including Business Insider, Forbes, and International Business Times. Today, he and his team at Live Traders show people how to execute trades, review different scenarios, and most importantly, how to control your emotions when high stakes are on the line.

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